Goddess Durga Maa

Goddess Durga - an embodiment of power and strength is worshipped by devotees with immense faith. She is believed to be a divine mother who protects her children from evil spirits of jealousy, selfishness, ego, anger, and hatred. Called by myriad names, she is a multi-dimensional Goddess who destroyed Mahishasura as Shakti or Mahishasurdamini. As Goddess Parvati, she looks serene and calm. As Kali, she is furry Goddess who turns black as night. As sati, she is worshipped as the dearest daughter of King Daksha and Queen Meneka. She is the mother of the entire universe who cares and nurtures mankind. Goddess Durga, through all her divine forms manifest sacrifice, salvation, knowledge, beauty, and wealth. Durga is a symbol of life and strength.

Origin of Goddess Durga:

As per mythology, through a long year meditation, Mahishasura, the king of demons was granted a boon by Lord Shiva that neither a man nor a deva would be able to kill him; only a woman would have the power to kill the demon. As he earned the invincible strength, he began to terrorize the whole universe. The demon fought with Lord Indra and defeated him in the battle. The devas, finding no place to live, took refuge of Lord Brahma. Brahma took them to Lord Shiva and Vishnu in order to come up with a solution to kill the demon. Later, it was decided to create a powerful woman with all the powers to defeat Mahishasura. An intense light emerged from all gods and thus evolved Goddess Durga. She appeared as a divine form and slayed the demon Mahishasura.

Durga Maa

Goddess Durga in the Image:

The Ten Arms of Goddess Durga:

The ten arms of Devi represent ten directions or eight quadrants as per Hinduism. This means that she protects humanity from all ten directions.

Lion - Her Vehicle:

The vehicle of Goddess Durga represents will, strength, and determination. Devi, riding a lion showcases her victory over each quality.

The Three Eyes of Maa Durga:

She is also named as ‘Triyambake’ like Shiva. The right eye signifies action (sun), left eye means desire (moon), and the central eye represents knowledge (fire).

The Different Weapons of Maa Durga:

Bow and Arrows:

The bow and arrows in the hands of Devi represent energy.

Conch Shell:

It represents ‘Pranava’ or the word ‘Om’, which signifies that she holds the Lord in form of sound.


It signifies certainty of success but not finalized. In Sanskrit, lotus means Pankaj that means the birth of mud.


It represents firmness. Just like a thunderbolt can break everything without being affected, the human beings too have to face challenges without losing confidence.


The sword in the arms of the Goddess signifies knowledge.


This Durga’s weapon signifies three qualities- Rajas (activity), Satwa (inactivity), and Tamas (non-activity).


Chakra spins around her fingers represent that the whole world is at the command of Maa Durga.

Why the Gods Named Her Durga?

The Goddess looked tremendously beautiful and featured a lot of rage. They decided to name her Durga, a manifestation of a divine form who was furnished with all arms of the lords. She sat on a lion and conquered the battle with Mahishasura. The word Durga is a Sanskrit word, which means a fort where reaching is difficult.