Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri Fast

Navratri 2020 - Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm in all over India. It is celebrated in the month of chaitra as Chaitra Navratri and second time it is celebrated in the month of Ashwin as Sharad Navratri. During both navratri, devotees have to go through with a tuff schedule and few restrictions. Navratri is the most auspicious time to worship Goddess Durga and its nine incarnations. It is said by the legends that the people, who worship Maa Durga during navratri, recite Durga Chalisa, chant Aarti and mantras can get the blessings of these nine incarnations and get moksha & mukti at the end of their life. Devotees who are not aware of the things that what they should do and what not, can read below in detail.

List of Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri:

During navratri, Do’s are important but Don’ts are more important. If you are not following Do’s list then it is not harmful or will not put any negative effect on you and your family. But if you are doing “not to do things in navratri” then it may cause to trouble in your life or goddess may angry with you. So always follow all the rules, worship Maa Durga with pure heart. Here we have added points on, what you should do during navratri and what should you not do during navratri.

What you should not do during Navratri Festival:

1 - People should avoid alcohol during nine days of navratri.

2 - People should not cut Lemon during navratri.

3 - Avoid cutting nails, hair and shaving in navratri

4 - Do not consume eggs, non-veg and meat during navratri.

5 - Devotees should not eat Onion and Garlic during this time.

6 - Do not stich or knit during navratri.

7 - Do not tell a lie and use harsh words for others.

8 - People should not use leather items like belt, bag, sleepers and shoes.

9 - People should not sleep in the afternoon during navratri nine days.

10 - Do not use grain and salt during navratri.

11 - If you are reciting Durga Chalisa, Durga Saptashati, Durga Kawach or chanting mantras then never talk with anyone in between. Accomplish the paths and mantras then only talk with someone.

12 - Eat any fruit in a single sitting.

13 - People should not use many spices in navratri.

14 - Do not wear dirty clothes in navratri.

15 - People should not marry during navratri.

16 - If you have done Ghat Sthapana (Kalash Sthapana) at home then you should not leave home for a night.

17 - Do not visit beauty parlour during navratri time.

What to do during Navratri:

1 - Bath daily and use fresh cloths daily

2 - Devotees should visit the temples daily.

3 - Devotees should offer water to the goddess daily.

4 - People should offer flowers and recite Durga Aarti daily.

5 - People should observe fast for nine days.

6 - Do not stich or knit during navratri.

7 - Do not tell a lie and use harsh words for others.

8 - People should not use leather items like belt, bag, sleepers and shoes.

9 - Devotees should recite mantras and Durga Chalisa daily after worshipping Maa Durga.

10 - Eat only Satvik food once during the day.

11 - Offer homemade bhog to Goddess or offer fruits daily in navratri.

12 - Devotees should try to do daan (give gift) to little girls (1 or 2) daily.

13 - Keep your home clean, especially puja room.

Above, we have mentioned all the important points, which could be helpful during navratri Fast. Follow the list of Do’s and Don’ts in Navratri religiously to please the goddess and get the fruitful results.