How to Make Kuttu ke Pakore

Kuttu ke pakore is a popular recipe for Navratri vrat. It has great taste so one can eat these pakoras until nine days of fasting. It is a delicious recipe and very easy to prepare. People can eat Kottu pakore with coriander chutney including rock salt. Checkout Kuttu ke pakore recipe, including ingredients and procedure of cooking.

Ingredients needed for Kuttu ke Pakore:

1 cup Buckwheat Flour (kuttu ka atta)
3 medium size potatoes
2 green chillies (finely chopped)
Ghee or vegetable oil for frying
1/2 tbsp Black Pepper Powder
1/2 tsp rock salt
1/4 cup finely cut coriander leaves

Kuttu ke Pakore Recipe for Fast

- Boil the potatoes until they are half cooked.

- Mix kuttu ka atta, pepper, rock salt, chopped green chillies and coriander leaves in a bowl. Add water slowly-slowly to make a smooth batter. Mix it until it gets a cream like consistency. Cover it and keep it for 15 minutes aside.

- When the half-boiled potatoes get cool, peel those and cut into diagonal slices.

- Heat the ghee or oil in a deep kadhai or pan. To check that oil is proper hot or not, take little batter and drop it in kadhai if it comes on top immediately then oil is perfectly ready for further procedure.

- Dip the potatoes pieces into the batter and cover them completely.

- Drop the batter coated potato slices into hot ghee or oil. You can fry many slices at a time but make sure that these slices float on the surface of the oil.

- Oil heat should not be very high, make sure that the heat is moderate otherwise taste of the pakora won’t be good.

- When one side becomes brown in colour turn them and fry on another side until it get reddish gray and crisp.

- Now Kuttu ke pakore is ready. You can serve it with chutney made with coriander, chilly and rock salt.