Singhare ke Pakore Recipe

If you want to eat something salty during Navratri fast then Singhare ke Pakore is a good option. Singhare Ke Pakore is a very spicy, tasteful and delicious recipe for Navratri fasting. Follow some easy points to prepare mouthwatering recipe Singhare ke Pakore.

Ingredients needed for Singhare ke Pakore Recipe:

1/2 cup Singhare ka Atta (Chestnut Flour)

2 Potatoes (Sliced)

2 Green Chilies (Chopped Finely)

8-10 small square pieces of Pumpkin


Rock Salt to Taste

Oil for Frying

Singhare ke Pakore Recipe:

- Combine Chestnut flour, chopped green chilies and rock salt in a bowl. Add water and beat into a smooth paste.

- Dip the slices of Potatoes and square pieces of Pumpkins in this smooth paste.

- Heat the oil in a kadhai or deep frying pan over moderate heat.

- Now put the slices of potatoes and pumpkins in heated oil and fry until they turn light brown.

- Drain the Pakoras from the Pan or Kadhai and put on a kitchen towel to remove extra oil from them.

- Singhare ke Pakore are ready to serve.