What Foods can you eat during Navratri Fasting?

Navratri is starting from October 17, 2020 in India, which will be celebrated till October 25, 2020. During sharad navratri, people worship nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. This is the time to follow many rituals, which are associated with navratri festival. Out of many rituals, Navratri fasting is one of the important rituals, which devotees perform during navratri season. Although, keeping fast during navratri is hard because devotees have to follow many strict rules and have to go through strict diet plan. There are lot of things, which people cannot take in their vrat meal.

Foods to Eat in Navratri Fast:

Navratri fasting is the time to experiment and try new things. Here we are adding some of the things, which you can take during fast.

Tapioca (Sabudana):

Sabudana is a good item to make recipes during navratri fasting. One can prepare many recipes with the help of Sabudana like Sabudana ki Khichdi, Sabudana ki Kheer and Vada etc. You can take curd with khichdi and chutney with Vada to make a better taste.

Buchwheat Flour (Kuttu ka Atta):

People can prepare the delicious recipes with Kuttu ka Aata. One can make Kuttu ki Puri, Kuttu ka Paratha, Kuttu ki Kachori, Kuttu ke Pakode and many other recipes at your home and try during this navratri. To make the taste better, people should use curd with these recipes.

Tea, Coffee, Milk and Curd:

People can drink tea or coffee during navratri but people should not drink more than 2-4 cups. Drinking many cups of tea may cause acidity or other stomach problems. You can also try curd or milk with the sugar. One can mix the dry fruits (powder) in the milk or can prepare the Lassi at home. These liquid items can help you in maintaining your health.

Chestnut Flour (Singhare Ka Atta):

With the help of Singhare ka Aata (Chestnut Flour), people can make Singhare ki Burfi, Singhare ki Puri and Singhare ke Pakode etc. During navratri, one can eat these recipes with curd or with fried Aalo in ghee. By eating these, people cannot feel hungry throughout the day.

Rock Salt (Sendha Namak):

We suggest that devotees, who are keeping fasting, should not use any type of salt. However, if any person cannot live without common salt in a day then he/she may try rock salt (Sendha Namak) during navratri fast. You can add sendha namak while preparing any recipes in navratri.

Try above listed things to prepare various recipes during navratri. There are many other Navratri recipes also which you can prepare at home like Lauki ka Halwa, different recipes of Potatoes and many others. You can also eat fruits, dry fruits and many other things.