Ghatasthapana 2022

Ghatasthapana is the first day of navratri, which is observed during Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri both. Ghatasthapana is also known as Kalash Sthapana or Kalashsthapana. This is one of the important rituals of navratri festival, which is performed to invoke the Goddess Shakti. During this time, devotees should remember Goddess Shakti and request her to accept all your prayers and to reside into the holy Kalash for nine days (Until the end of Navratri festival). During Ghat Sthapana, devotees should chant Goddess mantra and remember nine goddess of navratri.

2022 Ghat Sthapana Date and Time in Navratri:

Devotees should observe Ghatasthapana puja in navratri during the muhurat time only, to get the blessing of Goddess Shakti and bring prosperity. Doing Ghat Sthapana Puja at wrong time can make Maa Durga angry and it could be harmful too. The most auspicious time of Ghatasthapana is one-third part of the day when Pratipada is prevailing. Below, we have mentioned the Ghatasthapana 2022 date and muhurat time for Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri. Ghat Sthapana ritual is also performed during both Gupt Navratri, which are known as Magh Gupta Navratri and Ashadha Gupta Navratri. Magh Gupta Navratri is celebrated in the month of December or January while Ashadha Gupta Navratri is celebrated in the month of June or July.

Ghatasthapana Date for Sharad Navratri 2022: September 26, 2022 (Monday)

Navratri Ghatasthapana 2022

Ghatasthapana Time for Sharad Navratri 2022:

Sharad Navratri is celebrated in the month of September - October every year. Check the Sharad navratri Ghatasthapana 2022 date and time.

➧ Ghatasthapana Date: September 26, 2022 (Monday)

Ghat Sthapana Muhurat Time - 06:11 AM to 07:51 AM
Duration - 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Pratipada Tithi Begins = 03:23 AM on September 26, 2022
Pratipada Tithi Ends = 03:08 AM on September 27, 2022

Devotees must do the ghat sthapana between the above mentioned auspicious time. You can chant mantras, recite Durga Chalisa, Durga Saptashati and other religious books later on too.

Ghatasthapana Time for Chaitra Navratri 2023:

Chaitra Navratri is celebrated in the month of March or April every year. Check the Chaitra navratri Ghatasthapana 2023 auspicious date and time.

➧ Ghatasthapana Date: March 22, 2023 (Wednesday)

Ghat Sthapana Muhurat Time - 06:23 AM to 07:32 AM
Duration - 1 Hour 09 Minutes

Pratipada Tithi Begins = 10:52 PM on 21 March, 2023
Pratipada Tithi Ends = 08:20 PM on 22 March, 2023

Navratri Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi:

Before starting the Ghat Sthapana , you should clean the area where you want to perform Ghatasthapana puja. Try to choose this place in your home’s temple or close to worship area. For Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi, there are some rules and guidelines, which devotees should follow.

Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi during Navratri First Day:

1 - Ghat Sthapana is the first step of Navratri Puja. During the puja time, place a chowki of the Goddess. Sit peacefully beside the chowki. Put a wide clay pot near the chowki in order to sow barley seeds.

2 - Put the layer of the spoil into the wide clay pot and sow the grain seeds. Again put a layer of soil then show the seeds and finally add more soil over it. Sprinkle water on it.

3 - Tie the sacred thread on Kalash. Take the ghat (Kalash) and pour holy Ganges water. Put flower, scent, coins as well as five leaves of Mango on the top of the kalash. Also, put a lid and fill it up with raw rice. Place a coconut wrapped in a red cloth on it, tie moli around it. Thereafter, place the kalash on the wide clay pot. This kalash is believed to be a symbolic form of goddess Durga.

4 - Light a lamp and worship Goddess Durga and all other Gods. Invoke the Goddess and pray to them to destroy all problems and give them wisdom. Worship the Kalash with Panchopchar, which signifies worshipping the deity with five elements- flower, scent, Deepak, Dhoop and naivedya. Put the things near the kalash.

5 - Spread a red cloth on the chowki and tie a moli around it. Place the idol of Maa Durga and worship her.

6 - Pray to the mother and invoke her to reside at your homes for nine days. After you offer prayer, worship the Goddess with panchopchar.

7 - Stand up at the chowki and do aarti in the morning and evening for complete nine days. Observe fast for nine days and take your meal once in a day.

8 - Devotees should chant the mantras also to please goddess Shakti.

9 - People should light the diya at both time at morning and evening. Some people light the diya (lamp) for nine days, 24 hours each day.

Items needed for Ghatasthapana Puja:

Before starting the Ghatasthapana puja in Navratri, people should arrange all the required Navratri Puja Samagri. By using these items, one can complete the puja with all the needed rituals and guidelines. Below we have mentioned the required Ghat Sthapna Puja Items, please check.

1 - Small clay pot (Kalash)
2 - A Lid to cover the Kalash
3 - Clean Soil
4 - Wide and open clay pot for Sapta Dhanya (Paraat)
5 - Seeds of seven different grains (Sapta Dhanya)
6 - Sacred thread or Moli or Kalava
7 - Supari (Betel nuts)
8 - Perfume (Scent)
9 - Sacred water or Ganga Jal 10- 5 leaves of Ashoka or Mango tree
11 - Raw and unbroken Rice for putting in the lid
12 - Red Cloth for wrapping coconut
13 - Flowers to offer
14 - Marigold Garland or you can use any simple garland
15 - Grass (Durva)
16 - Lamp or Diya for aarti
17 - Unpeeled Coconut
18 - Coins

Happy Navratri!!