PM Narendra Modi Navratri Fasting in 2020

Indian Prime Minister - Narendra Modi, like all devotees observes fast on the religious occasion of Navratri. From more than 40 years, Narendra Modi observes this annual ritual of ‘Nakkoda’ fasting by only drinking water for the entire nine days and by following a strict schedule of meditation, yoga, and puja. He says that this yearly exercise offers him strength and power to communicate with ‘Maa Ambe’. Narendra Modi said that he keep fast for the betterment of India and Indian people. Now, Narendra Modi age is 69 years and still he keeps fast until 9 days of navratri due to his will power. If there are meetings in India or around the world during the navratri festival time then he attends all the meetings.

Narendra Modi ji does not prefer to compromise on work even while observing Navratri fasts. All his meetings continue as planned. During the fasts, he believes to have fewer appointments and finishes work by 10 pm or so. He is a firm believer of Maa Amba and observes the fast with utmost dedication and belief. Modi is a strict vegetarian and prefers not to eat at all. During the occasion, he wakes up early at sharp 4 am, prays to the almighty and is seen carrying a bottle of lemonade with him. He has been fasting since the last four decades and follows a strict liquid diet for the entire nine days celebration.

PM Narendra Modi Fasting during Navratri

Narendra Modi Navratri Fasting in 2020:

Like many other devotees, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also observe fast during this Sharad Navratri 2020, which is starting from October 17, 2020 and ending on October 25, 2020. Every year, Navratri dates are calculated by the Hindu Lunar calendar. Narendra Modi does not keep fast for himself but for the good luck of Indian people.

Narendra Modi Fasting during Sharad Navratri:

Generally, Modi ji takes a visit to Goddess temple at the starting of Navratri to worship Maa Shakti. In the temple, he performs the puja, offer flowers, prasads and bhents to Goddess.