Navratri Jaware Visarjan 2022

Navratri Jaware visarjan is one of the important rituals of navratri, which is performed on the last day of navratri. Here, Navratri visarjan means Jaware Visarjan. People put the grain seeds during Ghatsthapana puja and sprinkle water on it. After grown up, it becomes barley, which is also known as “Jaware” in terms of religious words. Navratri visarjan ritual is different from Durga Visarjan ritual as in Durga visarjan, Maa Durga idols have been immersed in the river. The navratri visarjan is performed on the last day of navratri while durga visarjan rituals is performed after the ninth day of navratri (on the tenth day of navratri, you can say). Navratri Jaware Visrajan is an important ritual, which is performed to complete the Navratri Puja and get the blessings of Maa Durga.

Navratri Jaware Visarjan 2022 Date:

Navratri Jaware visarjan ritual is performed during both the navratri i.e. Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri. It is performed on the last day of navratri. Check Navratri Visarjan 2022 date (Jaware visarjan 2022 date) for Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri.

Navratri Jaware Visarjan
Navratri Visarjan 2022 Date for Sharad Navratri - 4 October, 2022 (Tuesday)

People should not throw the jaware here and there on any place. Devotees should try to immerse them in the river or pond, if river or pond is not around you then you should place Jaware under a peepal tree.

Navratri Visarjan Vidhi (Jaware Visarjan Vidhi):

In West Bengal, Durga puja is one of the biggest festival, celebrated with huge devotion and dedication. Durga puja is performed for five days, which starts from (Panchami) fifth day of Sharad Navratri. In Kolkata, during the time of Durga Puja, big pandals have been created by the devotees. In these pandals, Maa Durga idol is established for puja. In West Bengal, Sindoor Utsav is one of the important rituals, carried out by the people before Durga Visarjan. After the five days of Navratri celebration, finally, on the Dashmi, People do the “Durga Visarjan” - immerse the idol in the river.

On the ninth day of navratri, people last time worship Mata ki Chowki and Jaware and after that they need to immerse Jaware for Navratri Samapan. Before breaking their fast, devotees need to do Navratri Visarjan (Jaware visarjan) to complete puja. If you are unaware about the Navratri Visarjan Vidhi (Jaware Visarjan Vidhi), here you can check the step-by-step guide for jaware visarjan:

- On the last day of navratri, go to the place of worship and take raw rice & flowers in your hand. Pray to Devi and all other Gods by offering rice and flowers and thanks her to come at your home.

- Thereafter, collect all the offerings from the chowki as Prasad. Family members or Ladies can use the Shringar things, Saari, ornaments and all other things as Prasad and blessings of Maa Durga.

- Distribute coconut in the form of Prasad to the people and give raw rice to the birds to eat.

- First, remove the lid of the Ghat and then put off the entire Ghat.

- Drink the sacred water as Prasad and distribute in the family members.

- Sprinkle the holy water of the ghat in your whole home also with a belief to remove all the evils and negative energies.

- Take the coins and keep them safe in your money locker or wallet. This is done to bring prosperity.

- Place the Lord Ganesha’s idol on its old place in your puja area.

- Pick the Maa Durga idol or picture from Chowki and place it on your puja room.

- In addition, see that the barley has grown. If you see that they are green and fresh, it signifies that it will bring prosperity in your home. Look for white Barley sprout. If you found one, it is very fortunate for you. Offer it to Maa Durga along with green sprouts.

- Put the remaining sprouts. Flow them in a river, pond or put under a Peepal tree.

- Give dakshina (money), one coconut as well as the cloth of chowki to a Brahmin at the temple or a Brahmin.

By following these steps, you can complete navratri visarjan (jaware visarjan). You can be fortunate to bring happiness and prosperity in your home by performing this ritual. Celebrate Navratri with immense joy and let Maa Durga bless all your family members.