Kuttu ki Puri Recipe

Kuttu is different from general type grains (wheat flour) and accepted as a religious food for fasting. It has high protein and vitamin and also very warm in tendency so should be eaten with any recipe of curd like ‘Dahi ke aloo’ or ‘boondi ka raita’. Kuttu puri is crunchier then normal puri and has awesome taste. There are various mouth watering delicacies which are made with Kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour). One of them is Kuttu ki Puri recipe which is very easy to prepare.

Ingredients for Kottu ki Puri Recipe :

1 cup Kuttu ka atta
1 large potato (boiled and mashed)
2 chopped green chillies (optional)
1 tbsp oil
Rock salt to taste
Warm Water for Kneading
1/2 tsp black pepper powder
1/4 cup chopped Coriander
Oil or ghee for deep frying

How to Make Kuttu ki Puri:

- Mash the boiled potato in a bowl. Make it smooth without any pulps.

- Add Kuttu ka atta, chopped green chillies, 1 tbsp oil, pepper powder, chopped coriander and rock salt with mashed aloo. Add little warm water into it and knead with hands till the dough gets soft but little tighter than normal chapatti dough.

- Take small portion of the flour and make a small round ball of the dough. Roll the ball more by using pinch of ghee/oil and make a round circle of 2-3 diameters.

- Heat the ghee or oil in a fry pan and put the rounded puri in the pan. Press it with ladle and fry until it becomes golden brown, turn the side of the puri to fry another side.

- Remove extra ghee/oil while draining puri from the pan. Keep it on the kitchen paper.

- Repeat the above-mentioned process to make more Poori from the remaining doughs.

- Kuttu ki Puri is ready to serve.